Defusings and Debriefings

The Rhode Island CISM provides the following support:


This crisis intervention process allows those involved the opportunity to discuss the event and to reflect on their reactions and feelings. The CISM practitioner can then provide information about normal stress reactions, available support services, and details of a possible follow-up debriefing. This is a group process, often conducted with the first 12 to 24 hours following a critical incident. However, this is a time guideline only and the appropriate cism response and time will be considered.


This process is a small group meeting designed to mitigate the impact of a critical incident and provide an opportunity for psychological closure. It is a structured intervention by specially trained members of the CISM team that allows a group to meet and encourages those involved in a Critical Incident (small c and i) to openly discuss their experience, thoughts, and reactions in a safe, non-threatening environment. Often, this takes place within 72 hours after the Critical Incident. However, the psychological readiness of the participating responders is an important consideration and will be discussed with the team clinical director to ensure the best intervention is used with those affected.