Training Opportunities

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) is the international leader in the development of peer support \ crisis intervention programs. Our team follows internationally recognized best practices and standards of care in training and the provision of peer support services. 

1-2-4-8 hour educational programs are designed specifically for first responders \ uniformed services in fire service, EMS,  law enforcement, military, corrections, 911 telecommunicators – dispatchers, schools.

Suggested topics:

  • Personal or family stress; chronic, cumulative, critical incident, burnout, post-traumatic stress

  • Trauma awareness; Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, secondary PTSD, disaster response\recovery

  • Specific public safety mental health concerns;

  • Anxiety, Depression, Substance abuse, Sleep deprivation, Relationships\communication

  • Suicide, Post-traumatic stress, PTSD, Secondary PTSD

Individual Crisis Intervention

Any individual responder may have a private conversation with a TEAM peer, clergy, or clinician member. This may be in person or phone. This is available 24\7 and is held strictly confidential. No records are kept and no report is generated.

A Crisis Management Briefing (CMB)

An event-driven, group intervention designed to inform & consult, educate, and allow psychological decompression and stress management for any size group. This is a passive process for those attending and provides basic stress and trauma information, and identifies resources available for continued support if desired. This intervention has many large and small group applications.

Specific ICISF Training Courses

Many US and international agencies utilize the ICISF model of peer support and crisis intervention include government, education, employee assistance programs, medical, schools. Disaster response teams. Victim advocate agencies and clergy groups. The ICISF model is utilized by the United Nations as a standard of care in distressed communities worldwide.

Specific ICISF registered classes that offer training and ceu’s \ contact hours from the University of Maryland:
  • Assisting Individuals in Crisis \ Peer Support
  • Advanced Individual Crisis Intervention
  • Group Crisis Intervention
  • Advanced Group Crisis Intervention
  • Strategic Response to Crisis
  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention
  • Suicide Awareness: An Introduction for Crisis Responders
  • Grief Following Trauma
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters
  • Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement
  • The Psychological Impact of Terrorism and Disasters
  • Families and CISM: Developing a Comprehensive Program
  • Understanding Responder Family Stress
  • Stress and the Responders Family: CISM Skills for Family Crisis Intervention
  • CISM Application with Children
  • Comprehensive Crisis Preparation and Response in the Workplace
  • Managing School Crisis: From Theory to Application
  • Stress Management for the Trauma Provider
  • Changing Faces of Crisis and Disaster Mental Health: A Competency-Based Update

Specific crisis intervention training for law enforcement,  fire, and EMS.

Our team is registered with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).