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Critical Incident Stress?

Stress is an expected part of the emergency service profession and is routinely managed on a day-to-day basis.

However, critical incident stress can produce reactions which may interfere with or overwhelm a person’s ability to function or cope either at the scene or later.

Critical incident stress is the body’s normal reaction to a very abnormal event.

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Response to an Individual Critical Incident, a Multi-Casualty Incident or Disaster

Our CISM program provides comprehensive, multi-component, multi-discipline crisis intervention, peer support, and stress management. We provide intervention in the pre-crisis phase, the acute crisis phase, and the post-crisis phase. We utilize the John Hopkins model of developing resistance, enhancing resilience, and supporting recovery.

Our team strives to provide the highest standards of critical incident response to any fire, police, or ambulance department personnel involved in a critical incident, multi-casualty event, or disaster. Our response is not limited to exclusively public safety personnel. Any organization involved in a critical event scene is considered to be a responder and will be afforded the same continuum of care. We operate within the Incident Command system while on scene. Training through the American Critical Incident Stress Foundation (Now the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) provided RI responders with the training and direction to address this concern. 

Our team will respond to a request for a group intervention through department\agency protocol. Any first responder may contact us directly for individual assistance.

Individual assistance or group crisis intervention provides a confidential forum for social support and education for managing trauma exposures. Our services are provided at no cost and are strictly confidential. Referral to specialty counseling is always available.

The Rhode Island CISM TEAM responds on invitation only. We do not self-deploy